Working with the architects

RB provides solutions for office, retail spaces and the interior design of individual houses as well as manufacturing furniture that is of high standards, innovative, characterized by exceptional design and practical as well as is presented in Lithuanian and international markets. The company provides the services not only of producing, but also of designing, mounting the non-standard furniture as well as offers services of the architects and designers.

renata andrius

During more than 12 years of successful activity, the company became known not only in Lithuania, but also in the neighbouring Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Austria, Russia and Germany.

The success story of a family business

The most successful year in the history of the family business was 2012, when it was decided to acquire some land with the abandoned wooden building, which are situated in the rural area. Then the company decided to participate in the project contest in order to receive the support from the EU Structural funds and created a business plan and investment project, called “Development of non-standard furniture manufacturing business in the rural area”. The priority for assigning this support based on this measure was the development of family business in the rural area. After receiving the funding for the project, based on the program for village development from the EU Structural funds, we have built a modern factory for manufacturing the furniture in the place of the abandoned building and acquired modern wood processing equipment.


In a majority of businesses, the organisation is said to be equal to a family. Our family is an organisation of a family, with a solid foundation of traditional family values. However, until now, in the business itself, the family holds the value, which, in their opinion, contributed the most to the success of the business and helped to survive even in the most difficult times. It is the teamwork, uniting the family, which is exercised both in the business as in the sports competitions. We believe in this and this led us to success. Four members of the family are professional sailors. Other members of the family are a permanent support team. The family members are leading crews of two yachts belonging to the family, which are called “Vasara” (Summer) and “Pandora”. The yacht crews that are led by two family members (captains) are multiple time winners of the international “Kuršių Marios” and Lithuanian sailing championships. Currently, the family furniture business is managed by the new generation. We are motivated, progressive and competent.

Social activity

RB seeks to establish closer relations with the local community of Riešė. We are participating in the gatherings of local business associations and clubs by presenting our business and defending its values. In the future, we foresee to participate and support the main traditional events of the local community.

Our clients

Please find our clients and their opinions about Riešės baldai: