About Riešės baldai

PLLC RIEŠĖS BALDAI provides solutions for office, retail spaces and the interior design of individual houses as well as manufactures furniture that is of high standards, innovative, characterized by exceptional design and practical, as well as presents them in Lithuanian and international markets. The company provides all services for manufacturing non-standard furniture: designing, delivering and mounting the furniture, as well as offers services of the architects and designers.

PLLC RIEŠĖS BALDAI implemented an investment project called “Development of non-standard furniture manufacturing business in the rural area”, which was partly financed by the funds from the EU Structural funds. Currently, the manufacturing of non-standard furniture is organized in a newly built, modern and spacious two-story factory, situated in Vilnius district, Riešė Eldership, Užugriovis village. During the implementation of the project, we acquired the newest , innovative equipment for processing and manufacturing furniture and wood: CNC wood processing centre and equipment, necessary for cutting, grinding, milling, banding, thickening the panels, glossy painting of the furniture and other equipment, necessary to ensure the manufacturing process.

Dynamically growing and developing, the company is constantly analysing the newest conceptions of furniture design as well as seeks development in the markets of other countries. Since PLLC RIEŠĖS BALDAI has long-term experience of manufacturing non-standard furniture and having gathered a group of professionals with the highest qualification, the company is constantly implementing a lot of ambitious projects: presents the solutions for furnishing innovative cafes, shops, hotels, restaurants and SPA centres. The assortment of the company mainly consists of the high quality non-standard furniture and interior elements, designed by professional designers, which are manufactured with the help of the modern wood processing centre CNC.

Since the company has a modern infrastructure and a team of professional employees, it seeks to be the leader for manufacturing non-standard furniture and interior elements not only in Lithuania, but also in the Baltic States.

We are working in order to make your life and work more comfortable!